Welcome to the beCPG documentation!

This documentation stand for both enterprise and community version. Installation section is dedicated for enterprise version. You can find how to run community version below:

Community version

Download and Install User documentation Developer

Online Demo

We have setup a demo of beCPG with sample data. You can get an account at this page.


If you want to contribute with codes or translations please use this page and send us your contributions at support -at-

Thanks a lot !

Enterprise version

beCPG also provides a fully packaged Enterprise version and provides support. Enterprise version comes with optional modules such as:

  • Full Business intelligence integration
  • Full reporting integration
  • Preconfigured system with data for food-plm and cosmetic-plm
  • Stable branch and patches
  • Full documentation
  • Installation facilities

For more information or support please contact the beCPG team.

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