beCPG as a product repository can easily be enriched with new fields. beCPG PLM can be used to feed external systems.

This documentation is a functional example to synchronize data with an ERP, import data, use beCPG Rest APIs as well as exploit beCPG Connector.


Synchronization with ERP is often bidirectional. As a general rule, the costs are pulled from the ERP and BOMs are sent to the ERP.

Import Costs

The costs managed by beCPG PLM are the costs imported periodically using CSV or XML files, which are pulled from the ERP. We just need to put theses CSV files in the Import to treat folder.

The costs taken into account are:

  • Raw Materials Cost
  • Packaging Cost
  • Production Cost

Data exchange

Using beCPG PLM you will be able to sent data to the ERP periodically (ex: each night) using an Interface (Connector or third party implementation based on Remote API).

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