2. Supplier Tutorial

2.1 User interface

The login page and the login information (username and password) will be sent to you by your client.

Once you are logged in, a new window opens. It is your dashboard. The dashboard will tell you at a glance if you have any task waiting or if there is an active discussion. You can’t create a task or a discussion. The client is the only one who can do it.

2.2 The Tasks

To select a task, just press it. A window will open

To access to :

  • Supplier assistant: click on the 1st icon,
  • Raw material assistant: click on the 2nd icon.

How to change a task

Supplier's Assistant

You can fill or change the requested information For each step, click on “next” and to stop or to finish, click on “Finish”. You can change the data at any time.

Raw material creation assistant

You can fill the information for the specific raw material. You can fill the field to be completed. Each step must be validated by clicking on “Next”. Validate each step before pressing “Finish”.

It is possible to stop and to resume the data entry whenever you wish.

Finish the Task

Before ending the task, you can write a comment for your client (missing ingredient, physico-chemical results…). Once all tasks have been completed, the tasks’ list will be empty.

+*End the task Supplier's information

If you click on "CANCEL" your progress will be saved. Only the information on the last window will be lost.

To complete the task "Création de la matière première" :

Task sent back from a client

The client may have comments about the information you registered. The task is going to appear again on the supplier‘s dashboard. The client will have validated some information. There are now locked and no longer editable. An icon (see below) indicates a comment written by the client. It is possible to read it and to answer.

2.5 Discussion

To facilitate the exchange of information, the client can create a discussion. A discussion enables the site’s members to discuss all subjects at the same time and in the same space. Only the subjects related to your products will be visible on your dashboard. To answer and to consult a discussion, you only need to click on the subject and click on “Answer” It will be possible to change your answer by clicking on “modifier”.

How to answer :

Click on the discussion you are interested in:

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