beCPG enables the creation of variants of your product compositions/packaging and processes. This is useful in the case of recipe variations between plants/production lines. To do that you must first go to your finished product and click on "Add an aspect". Then choose "Variant" among the list of aspects.

In our example, we will add a variant to the composition of our product. Once in the composition, click on the + on the right of the screen to add a variant.

Enter a name to your variant and indicate if this is the variant by default.

Then add a raw material to your composition and choose the name of the variant you just created.

You have now two compositions for the same product. One contains grated cheese whereas the default version doesn't. To simply switch from one to the other, select "Common" for the cumulation of all variants and the name of your variant for the new composition of the variant.

You can also use the variant you created for packaging and processes.

Note: Computed data (Nutritional values, list of ingredients, costs, claims) are calculated from the variant by default. Allergens are computed based on all variants.

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