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Collection management

Collections represent a grouping of products (RM, SFP,FP,Local SFP or even Collection). They are used to manage cards, menus and catalogues and to integrate the sell price.

Creating a collection

Go to the desired site, click on + Create and select Collection

Add a product

Once you have created a collection, you need to call up the products you have created. In the product list, click + to add them.

It is also possible to add several collections to the product list, by calling up the desired collections directly.


The beCPG PLM includes choice management in the collection, in order to manage menus (choice 1 or choice 2) and services (aperitifs, starter, main course, dessert). To do this, a local semi-finished product must first be created for each service and the products making up that service must be integrated into it.

To link a product to a local semifinished product, the local SFP must be defined as the entity's parent.

Each product that makes up our menus can be managed by an effectivity date

Sell Price management

Collections can also be used to manage costs via the Sell prices list.

Below are the definitions of the fields in the sell price list

Values to be completed :

  • Price tax incl. = price including all taxes
  • Taxe = tax to be applied, which affects the price in the Price field
  • Turnover = corresponds to the gross sales for this entity

    Values calculated :

  • Price = price excluding tax

  • Cost = corresponds to the cost price indicated in the entity properties
  • Ratio = price / (price-cost price)
  • Tax Amount = corresponds to the price including tax - Price excluding tax

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