Files transfert

Webdav generalities

WebDav can be used to bulk transfer files to the beCPG server

Two urls are available: one for windows and one for linux

RFC-compliant WebDAV: alfresco/webdav
Microsoft-compliant WebDAV: alfresco/aos


The WebClient service must be active and installed

start WebClient


It's possible to configure the network drive with commands (here, the network drive letter is Y):

net use Y: /delete
net use Y: https://{server}/alfresco/aos /USER:{username} {password} /persistent:yes

The parameter persistant: yes allow to maintain the connecion, which is not possible to do with a manual configuration.

We also can use a more specific path to be more specific, like:



In the explorer, mount a network drive and choose the URL


To do so, do a right clic on "This PC" and "Map network drive...".

This will open a popup, where you should select a location and a folder path.

Then, your PC will try to connect to the server and ask you your identifications (please use the identifications you have on the beCPG system):

Once the identification done, it will create a network location, where you can consult all documents that are in your system with the same flder organisation and rights access (depending on your permissions):

For example, you can access to the site "Validated products" by going in Sites < valid < documentLibrary:

At the network configuration, you have the possibility to indicate a direct path to a specific site if you want, by using:

https://{server}/alfresco/aos/Sites/{site ID}/documentLibrary

Standards site ID are

  • valid : Validated products
  • simulation : Products in development
  • archived : Archived products

So, in our previous example, if we want a direct access to Validated products, we should use:


SSL is highly recommended, otherwise use:

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters\BasicAuthLevel" to 2


If the name of the server is qualified ( Example ) instead of myserver:



To connect with ubuntu:

apt-get -y --force-yes install davfs2
adduser $ USER davfs2
echo "/media/becpg user password" >>/etc/davfs2/secrets
mkdir -p /media/becpg
mount.davfs https://server/alfresco/webdav/media/becpg

To connect with centos 7:

yum -y install davfs2
echo "/media/becpg user password" >>/etc/davfs2/secrets
mkdir -p/media/becpg
mount -t davfs https://server/alfresco/webdav/media/becpg

Use CURL instead of webdav:

curl Installation

sudo apt update
sudo apt install curl
# Update certificates client side
sudo update-ca-certificates
 curl -k -X POST --user user: password -F filedata = @pathto myfile.csv \
-F destination = workspace://SpacesStore/bb5143c8-de56-422e-ba3d-ddcd83b5c32c \
-F filename = myfile.csv https://server/alfresco/service/api/upload

Edit in Microsoft Office

Edit in Microsoft Office is active by default in beCPG and is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
  • Microsoft Office 2016 32 bit only

SSL must be enabled and configured

Useful links:

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