The management of allergens is done at raw materials level. For that, select the list "Allergens".

Click on "New row" to add an allergen to a raw material. Once in the allergen menu, choose its type, and indicate if the allergen presence is voluntary or the result of cross contamination. If the presence is voluntary, the source must be indicated (e.g. milk).

Once this is done for all raw materials, formulate the finished product and the different allergens present in the product will be indicated.

Cross contamination

To deal with cross contamination cases, you have to create a new process representing the production line. For that, go back to the root of your site and create a new "Resource".

Go back to the list "Allergens" of your finished product. There, create all allergens which might be in contact with the production line, by ticking "fortuitous presence".

Once this is done, you must add a resource to the finished product. In the process list of your finished product, click on add to select you production line.

Formulate the product, and check that the line has been added as source of cross contamination in the allergen list of your finished product.

Display allergens in reports

The configuration is done in beCPG > Administration beCPG > Characteristics > Allergens

To amend an allergen: Underline the allergen line and click on the small pencil.

  1. Only major allergens are configurable. A minor allergen must be turned into major if you want it to be configurable.

  2. Choose the language of the country in report: To select multiple languages press "Ctrl"

  3. Save.

Major allergens for which no report language was indicated will be present in all reports by default.

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