Server Administration

Start and stop the beCPG service

Use the commands:

cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1
docker-compose stop
docker-compose up -d


cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1
docker-compose restart

Server logs

Use the commands:

cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1


cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1
docker-compose logs -f -t --tail = "100"

or, view the logs of a container using 1:

docker-compose logs becpg-mail
1. The command above will show the logs of the becpg-mail container.

To learn more about logs, go to [official documentation] (

Additional logs are available in each container in /var/lib/docker/volumes/*_logs/.

Show available space on the system

df -h
du -ms /var/lib/docker/volumes

Increase the data partition

Increase the disk in your virtual machines hypervisor.

Then use this commands 2 :

sudo reboot
sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb (where sdb is the partition to resize)
2. fdisk -l list partitions

Reindex in case of server crash and index corruption

cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1

Warning: Reindexing can take a long time. > 24h!

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