Dates of effectivity

beCPG enables to have dates of effectivity. On entities (finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials...), dates of effectivity are automatically indicated at the creation of a version. The latest version is always the effective one. Dates of effectivity are updated when a version is stored.

beCPG also offers the possibility to indicate the dates of effectivity in the following lists: packaging, process and composition. For that, you must activate the effective mode by clicking on the calendar icon.

Once the mode is activated, you get the possibility to enter dates.

The lines which will be effective in the future are in green and those non effectives are in red. During the formulation, only elements effective at the moment of formulation are taken into account.

Note: it is possible to ony display effective lines with the following option: beCPG.datalist.effectiveFilterEnabled=false

To manage mass changes, it is possible to create a change order in specifying a date of effectivity. For that, when creating a change order you must indicate a date of effectivity.

Once indicated, the change order will create two lines in the impacted produt range by specifying date of effectivity.

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