Labeling templates

Labeling templates enable the association and display of labeling templates (such as date coding position) on the packaging section of your reports.

Creation of Labeling templates

The first step consists in creating the labeling templates you want to use. To do that, go to Administration beCPG--> Characteristics--> Labeling Templates. Click on create, enter a name to designate your template and add a description. The description will be what is displayed in the report.

Position and labeling types are also defined in the Administration. To do that go to Administration beCPG--> List of values--> Labeling types (e.g. Ink jet and color) and Administration beCPG--> List of values --> Labeling positions (e.g. Back).

Assign a labeling template to a finished product

The next step is to assign a template to a finished good. Go to the packaging list of your product. Select a packaging of your packaging list and click on "Manage labeling aspect".

Then click on edit, and select the position of your labeling template.

The labeling template is then displayed on the report of your finished product.

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