Creation of a Product

The creation of a product is done with the "Create Content" button available when displaying the contents of a directory. Before creating a product, it must be placed in the directory where you want the product to be stored.

Several product types can be created:

  1. Raw material food purchased from a supplier (e.g. flour, meat)\ Semi finished #: unsold product consisting of semi finished raw material that has undergone an internal transformation to the business (e.g. pulp quiche or quiche filling, used in several finished products)
  2. Finished product product sold consists of raw materials, semi-finished and packaging (eg quiche)
  3. Packaging packaging purchased from a supplier (eg film, tray)
  4. Packaging Kit packaging consisting of several packagings (e.g. tray + film)
  5. Semi local finish semi finished with no components for consolidation point in a finished product. For example, a quiche lining which is used in a quiche in which the filling is made only for this quiche. In this case, no need to create a solid finish that will only be used in this quiche. We use the local semi-finished trim and raw materials are defined as local semi finished.

Versioning tool

Creating a new version of a product

It is possible to create a new version of a product via the button "New version" accessible from the consultation page of a product.

The system then creates a "working copy" and states that created the copy job.

The possible actions are:

  • "Store the new version" to store the changes
  • "Cancel the new version" to return to the original version
  • "View the original document" to view the original version

Comparison of a product to its previous version

It is possible to compare one product with its previous version with the "compare" the version history button, accessible in the details of a product.

  • The system then generates a document describing:
  • The structural comparison of product composition
  • Comparison "flat" metadata and product characteristics

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