Users can add costs to their products by going to the list "Costs" as seen below:

  • The field N-1 value represents last year cost,
  • The field N+1 value represents next year cost.
  • The field Plants enables to choose from which factory comes the product.

Investment costs

You can add Investment costs which must be entered as fix costs. Meaning they do depend of the product quantity. To add an investment cost (simple cost and without calculation), you need to create a new characteristic in administration beCPG. For more details, see Administration beCPG

Investments costs when created in an entity (finished product, raw material) must be entered in "manual". Otherwise, during fotmulation or simulation, the field will be deleted and the information lost.

Simulated costs

In the list "Costs" of the product,it is possible to add a simulated cost. This means that it is possible without any modification of entity values (finished product, raw material...) to simulate a change of price and to see its impact on the final cost (e.g. change of supplier) The computed cost is the difference between the initial and the price which takes into account the modified raw material (negative if less expensive, positive if more expensive). To add a simulated cost, you must create a new characteristic in administration beCPG. For more details see Administration beCPG

To create a simple cost (without calculation), the only needed information are the currency and the cost variability (automatically entered): simulated cost

Back in the entity (semi-finished, finished product...), we create a simulated cost to which we give as parent the desired cost. Then we create a hierarchy link between the cost of raw materials and the simulated cost. Then, we only need to add:

  • Component: the name of the component with a varying price
  • Simulated: the new cost in the predetermined unit.

Do not add unit as it has already been previously defined. If the unit has to be changed, this must be amended by going into "Characteristics".

In that example, we have added a simulated cost to a raw material cost. The simulation cost has a component "Pork" equal to 6. The value of the simulated cost will be computed from the start of the formulation.

  • It is possible to amend the value of a simulated cost at any moment by changing directly the cost or by going in properties. The update is taken into account after having clicked on "Formulate".

  • Several simulated costs can be added to the same cost.

  • The user also has the possibility to add commentaries as shown below:

  • If the user wishes to enter manually the cost, he must change the option "Manual" to true. Then the value of the cost will not be impacted by the formulation.

View cost details

Select the list "Costs". To display the details of a cost, click on the magnifying glass.

Purchase price

You can use the "Purchase price" list if you use a purchased product that has its own costs but you want to define the values of the costs in the composition of your products.

For example, plant A manufactures a finished proudct at a specific manufacturing cost, and then is sold to plant B to be manufactured again with in the end a different price.

When you will use this product in the composition of another product, the costs taken in account will be the one in the purchase price list.

If the purchase price list is present on an entity, there are several cases for the formulation of an entity using it:

  • The purchase price contains one or several prices used also in the entity cost list: the formulation takes into account the purchase price list
  • The purchase price contains only prices not used in the entity cost list : the formulation takes into account 0
  • The purchase price list is empty: the formulation takes into account the costs list
  • The purchase price list contains only lines with rank = 0: the formulation takes into account the costs list
  • The purchase price list contains only non effective lines: the formulation takes into account the costs list (since beCPG 3.2.4 version)

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