Electronic document management (EDM)


With the basket, collect documents stored in different documents or entities, then upload them to a folder.

Share documents

Share documents with users outside beCPG thanks to public link generation.

With this link, the external user will be able to view the document and download it.

ARTWORK MODULE : Annotations

The becpg-artworks module is an add-on that can be included in beCPG PLM to perform modifications on PDF documents. Here is the link of the add-on : https://github.com/becpg/becpg-artworks It allows you to make changes on documents of type PDF modifications. It is necessary to provide an annotation license to use this feature.


To perform PDF modifications, click on Annotate the document :


A new editing window opens up, and you have now the possibility to perform different sorts of modifications upon the document :

  • Annotate : Add Text


    Can be used to add text, highlight text, draw rectangles, add notes, use pencil tool...


  • Shapes


    Can be used to add different sorts of shapes (rectangles, squares, circles...)

  • Insert


    Can be used to add images, files, stamps, or sign...


  • Measure


    Allows measurement on the document : you can define a new scale for each measure and select different measure units.

  • Colors extraction

    You can extract and filter on the document colors by using button pallet-shaped and by selecting the different colors you want to keep:


  • Layers extraction

​ If your PDF document contains several layers, you can extract them by opening the left panel and displaying the layers as shown:



One you are done with editing your file, you can save it be clicking on Save:


The document is then saved with modifications in a new minor version.


If you create a new version of a file and open it with the viewer, you can compare it with its previous versions :

  • with text comparison


  • with pixel comparison



It is possible to use the viewer with images. However, some features might not be working properly as the library is designed to work with PDF files.

You can open an image with the viewer, add some annotations, save it, and the system will create a new PDF file right next to the original one.


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