Project Q&A

Why don't I have any value for Sponsors and Request origins on project type?

You need to add values in the project lists: beCPG Admin Console > Project Lists > ... > Add values

After that, you need to reload models from beCPG Admin Console in order Alfresco reloads constraints.

What is a project template?

A project template can be chosen after a new project is created, it enables the creation of ready-to-use projects.

How to create a project template?

To set up a project as template you must add the aspect "Entity Template" to your entity.

What is copied from project template?

The system copies on the new project: tasks, deliverables, score list, folders and documents of the project template. The properties (name, title, state, ... ) of the template are not copied on the new project.

How can I delegate my tasks?

You can delegate tasks you were assigned to from the delegation page of your profile. Correctly fill the form, and check the "reassign current tasks" box if you want to reassign your tasks that are in progress.

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