Configuration of beCPG

Major parts of the configuration are included in the container and need rebuilding the container to be deployed. However you can override the default configuration by editing the docker compose.override.yml file.

Service name can be changed under .env file and should match DNS and SSL certificate:

You can change the memory allocated to services under:

vi /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1/docker compose.override.yml 

* -Xmx6G to -Xmx8G for example

SSL configuration

SSL certificates are stored under /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1/ssl/. To update certificates just upload your new certificates with the same name in this folder and restart the service.

cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1
mv ./ssl/$SERVICE_NAME.crt ./ssl/$SERVICE_NAME.cert.old
cp new-cert.crt ./ssl/$SERVICE_NAME.crt
docker compose restart http

In some installation SSL certificates path are different and can be changed in /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1/ssl/000-default.conf

Sample command to generate an SSL key:

openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa: 2048 -keyout $ SERVICE_NAME.key -out $ SERVICE_NAME.csr

The CSR is to be sent to a certification authority for generation of a valid certificate

Extending beCPG

First, create a new config folder:

cd /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1
mkdir config

Then edit the file docker compose.override.yml:

vi /opt/becpg-srv-instances/inst1/docker compose.override.yml

And add volumes declaration under becpg: section


Create your becpg-config-custom.xml file:

touch config/becpg-config-custom.xml

And paste this text into it:

        <config evaluator = "string-compare" condition = "wizard" replace = "true">
                <! - Your code ->
        </ Config>
</ Alfresco-config>

All configuration files can be overloaded like this. The service needs to be restarted to take into account the new configuration.

docker compose up -d

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