Users management

Create a user

The users management interface is accessible through beCPG>beCPG administration menu on the upper headband. There, on the left headband, click on « Users ».

Creation of a new user can be done by clicking on the « New User » button.

The interface enables to enter user informations (name, account, email and so one) and groups he belongs to.

Edit/modify a user : add a new group:

  1. write a few letters of the user name you are looking for in the text field,
  2. click on "Research",
  3. select a user by clicking on his name.

Modify a permission:

  1. on the upper right of your screen : click on "Edit User" ,
  2. in : "About User" : Search for the groups by writting the first letters of the group in the text field (you can see all the group in becpg> administration > groups> Browse) : click on Search,
  3. select the group by clicking on "Add"
  4. save Changes

Go back to beCPG > administration beCPG > Click on "Reload" properties permissions.

Group management

The group management interface is accessible by beCPG>beCPG administration menu on the upper headband. Then, on the left headband, click on « Groups ».

Groups can be prioritized. For example, the « R&D users » and « R&D leaders» are part of the « R&D group ».

beCPG groups are:

PLM Module Those groups are supplied as examples
Trade beCPG Sales Representatives
Production beCPG Production
Purchasing beCPG Purchases
Quality beCPG Quality
PurchasingMgr beCPG Purchase Managers
TradeMgr beCPG Sales Managers
ProductionMgr beCPG Production Managers
QualityMgr beCPG Quality Managers
RDMgr beCPG R&D Managers
PurchasingUser beCPG Purchasing Users
TradeUser beCPG Business Users
ProductionUser beCPG Production Users
QualityUser beCPG Qualité Users
RDUser beCPG R&D Users
ProductValidationStart beCPG Start product validation workflow
Supplier Gateway Module
ReferencingMgr beCPG Referencing Managers Access a raw material which is being benchmarked
ExternalUser beCPG External users Group assigned to a supplier which allows to reduce the access
ExternalUserMgr beCPG External users managers Allow to create supplier account
Administration Module
SystemMgr beCPG System Managers Access the beCPG administration
Customer claim module These groups are used by the customer claim process
ClaimAnalysis beCPG Customer Claim Analysis Pilots
ClaimClassification beCPG Customer Claim Classification Pilots
ClaimClosing beCPG Customer Claim Closing Pilots
ClaimStart beCPG Customer Claim Input Pilots
ClaimResponse beCPG Customer Claim Answer Pilots
ClaimTreatment beCPG Pilot

The « System Managers» group has the write permission in the system folder.

License management

Licenses in beCPG are administered via groups. To assign a license to a user, simply add the user to one of the following groups:

LicenseReadConcurrent beCPG Floating licenses in consultation
LicenseReadNamed beCPG licenses named in consultation
CompetitorSupplierLicense beCPG Floating License Provider
LicenseWriteConcurrent beCPG Floating licenses in edition
LicenseWriteNamed beCPG licenses named in consultation

In the case of the use of beCPG enterprise, it is mandatory that each user belongs to one of the license groups.

Licenses are defined as following :

Named licenses: license assigned to one user. Concurrent License: license shareable between multiple users, but used by only one user at a time, so a user can use the software once other users has stopped using it (voluntary logout or end of session).

Write license: create and modify products, formulation, generate reports, product approval, use of workflows to manage products, project management. Read license: read products, documents and projects, collaboration (blog, wiki pages, forums, lists of data), document management. Supplier licenses: this allows supplier to fill data.

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