Javascript API

Using SPEL formulas has some limitations, that is why it can be helpful to use Javascript scripts. Alfresco can run those scripts through the rules system and beCPG can run them through project task formulation or entity formulation. Depending on the rule context, multiple root objects are available during the script execution. Warning creating javascript rules may impact the performances and rule proliferation, that is why beCPG provides common built-in helper methods from a single script.



You can check what are the root objects you have access to when implementing a script rule:

Formulation script

Variable Description
currentUser Current user login
entity Formulated entity (ProductData or ProjectData for example)

Task script

Variable Description
currentUser Current user login
task The TaskListDataItem object which is the current deliverable task
project The ProjectData object
shareUrl The application URL

Entry point

In order to limit the number of rules, BeCPG suggests to centralize the entity rules in the classify-entity.js script. This script also defines classifying rules and can be modified.


beCPG provides multiple helper methods to use.

To include them, you need to add the following line at the begining of your sript:

Constants Description
Methods Description
isEmpty(value) alias isNullOrEmpty(value) returns true if value is empty or null
orEmpty(value) returns value or empty if null;
propValue(node, propName) alias getProp(node, propName) returns node property value or empty
mlPropValue(node, propName, locale, exactLocale? false) alias getMLProp(node, propName, locale) returns the node's multilingual property value for the specified locale or empty if exactLocale = true else it will return the default locale

| mlPropConstraint(propValue, propName, locale) alias getMLConstraint(propValue, propName, locale) | display value or empty for multilingual constraint value | | assocValue(node, assocName) | returns assoc nodeRef array| | assocValues(node, assocName) | assoc nodeRef arrays| | assocPropValues(node, assocName, propName) alias getAssoc(product, assocName, propName?) |returns association property array of values | | assocPropValue(node, assocName, propName) | returns association property value| | assocAssocValues(node, assocName, assocAssocName) | returns association association nodeRef array| | assocAssocValue(node, assocName, assocAssocName) | returns association association nodeRef| | copyAssocPropValue(node, assocName, propName, nodePropName) | Copy association property value to node property | | copyAssocAssocValue(node, assocName, assocAssocName, nodeAssocName) | Copy association association value to node association | | updateAssoc(node, assocName, values) | param values can be nodeRef, nodeRef array, scriptNode, scriptNode array| | setValue(node, propName, value) | Set property value checking if property changed returns if property has changed| | setExtraValue(entity, propName, value) | Set property value on repositoryEntity| | updateMLText(node, propQName, locale, value) | Update multilingual value| | i18n(key, params?) | returns i18n message for current locale| | cleanName(value) alias removeForbiddenChar(value) | returns valid cm:name value| | concatName(name, value, separator?) | param separator default is " " returns concatenated value of name + separator + value| | classifyByHierarchy(productNode, folderNode, propHierarchy?) | classify node by hierarchy | | classifyByPropAndHierarchy(productNode, folderNode, propHierarchy?, propPathName?, locale?) | classify node by prop and hierarchy | | isInSite(productNode, siteId) | returns true if node is in siteId| | isInUserFolder(productNode) | returns true if node is in user folder| | getDocumentLibraryNodeRef(siteId) | returns document library folder for site| | createBranch(node, dest, autoMerge?) | Create new branch of entity| | mergeBranch( node, branchToNode, description, type) | branchToNode can be null if autoMerge| | moveAndRename(node,dest) | Move node and rename if same name exists in destination| | generateEAN13Code(prefix) | returns generate EAN13 code with autonum corresponding to prefix| | setPermissionAsSystem(node, permission, authority) | Set permissions as system, node can be node or nodeRef| | allowWrite(node, authority) | Set write permissions as system bypassing rights| | allowRead(node, authority) | Set read permissions as system bypassing rights | | deleteGroupPermission(node, group) | Remove specific group permissions | | clearPermissions(node, inherit) | Remove permissions as system set on node, node can be node or nodeRef| | copyList( sourceNode, destNode , listQname) | Copy one list from sourceNode to destNode| | listExist( node, listQname) | returns true if list exists and non empty| | listItems( node, listQname) | returns list items| | toISO8601(dateObject, options) | convert date toISO8601| | submitForm(entity, formDataJson) | applies the given formulary to the entity| | getEntityListFromNode(product, listName) | returns the entity list node for the given list name| | isOnCreateEntity(node) | returns true if the node is on creation| | isOnMergeEntity(node) | returns true if the node is on merge| | isOnMergeMinorVersion(node) | returns true if the node is on merge with minor revision| | isOnMergeMajorVersion(node) | returns true if the node is on merge with major revision| | isOnCopyEntity(node) | returns true if the node is a new copy| | isOnFormulateEntity(node) | returns true if the node is formulated| | isOnBranchEntity(node) | returns true if the node is a new branch| | addAspectToNode(node, aspectId) | add an aspectId to a node if not used| | removeAspectToNode(node, aspectId) | remove an aspectId to a node if used|

Example :

 var geo = new Array();

updateAssoc(product, "bcpg:productGeoOrigin", geo)

Digital signature helpers

beCPG provides an add-on implementing a signature service for which multiple script methods were implemented.

You can check for more details.

Methods Description
bSign.prepareForSignature(document, recipients, params) Creates a working copy of a PDF and adds signature fields to it
document : document node you want to prepare for signature
recipients : recipients for the signature
params (optional) : list of parameters defining the position, the size and the key word used for the signature fields (check the document for more details)
bSign.getSignatureView(document, userName, task) Returns a URL to visually sign the prepared PDF
bSign.signDocument(document) Digitally signs the PDF document (which was prepared and visually signed before)

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