How to add a new list on entity Template ?

  • Go to: Repository > System > Entity templates > Open the template > Add new list

How to add a new wizard to my supplier ?


>Configure docker to override becpg-config-custom.xml. > * Extending beCPG with docker


>In becpg-config-custom.xml file, paste the wizard configuration you will find in becpg-plm-share-config.xml

        <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="wizard" replace="true">
                <!-- Your code -->

Once done, recreate the container to take the new configuration into account.

The following documentation explains what is composed a wizard and how to assign a wizard to a task. Once you have understood how a wizard is composed, you will be able to add a new step to the "purchase List". >* Creating_a_task_wizard\ > > Note: the above link explains how to attach a wizard to a task.

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